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Singular Sensation

Wesley winced when he heard the front door slam.  Spike was clearly pissed off about something.  “Probably Angel, again,” he thought and sighed.  “I wonder what he did this time?”  A crash of china came from the kitchen along with a string of curses.  “It’s going to be one of those days, I see.  Well, I’d best get in there before we haven’t anything left to drink from.”

Inviting the blond vampire to share his flat had seemed like a good idea when Spike first arrived in LA, and an even better one when it became clear that Spike and Angel in a working relationship was a recipe for disaster.  Oil and water didn’t even begin to cover it, as he’d observed to Gunn.  The living arrangement had worked well and had gotten even better when Spike ended up in Wesley’s bed after one rather drunken evening.  It wasn’t love, but neither man was looking for that at the moment.  What it was, however, was some incredibly good, incredibly kinky sex indulged in incredibly frequently.

“What is it this time?”  Wesley asked as he stepped into the kitchen.

“Nothing he hasn’t done a thousand times before.  Nothing I haven’t done a thousand times before.”  Spike snarled, jabbing angrily at the buttons on microwave.  “Isn’t anything I do ever going to be good enough for him?  It’s always ‘Spike, get your feet off the couch.’  ‘Spike, don’t smoke in the office.’  ‘Spike, put on some decent clothes.’  Like what he wears is any great prize.  Oh, and today it was ‘Spike, can’t you find something useful to do instead of making trouble?’  Do you think he’d find saving the bloody world useful enough?  No, wait, I’ve already done that and he didn’t give a rat’s arse!”

Wesley came up behind his lover, wrapped his arms around him, and murmured soothingly in his ear.  “Shh, shh, it’s all right.  He’s just being that way again.  He’s like that with everyone, you know.”

“I know, but it doesn’t make it any easier,” Spike turned to face Wesley as he spoke, “And I swear I’m going to pound him the next time he starts in on you about your choice in roommates.“

The ex-Watcher laughed.  “Don’t bother.  He’d only get that deer–in-the-headlamps look.”

“You mean the one where he obviously can’t figure out what’s going on around him?”

“Yes, that’s the one.  You know for someone who’s been around for over 270 years he really hasn’t learned much about human nature, has he?”

“Ah, it’s not that.  It’s just that he’s a clueless git when it comes to actually having a relationship with someone that isn’t based on him giving the orders.”  Spike sighed.  Wesley knew from experience the vampire was wishing things with Angel could be different. 

    ”I think it’s time to get his mind off this subject, and get on with other things,” 
Wes smiled at his lover, "Your blood is cooling off, you know.  And I will remind you that we have plans for the evening.”

“Plans?”  Spike asked, as he got his mug from the microwave and sat down.  “What plans?”

“You don’t get out of it that easily, Spike.  You know perfectly well that when I gave in to your insistence on shagging in the Rare Book Room of the UCLA library that you promised I could have you to do with as I pleased this evening.  I seem to remember the words ‘anything you want, the whole night, just let me have you now.’“

“Oh, those plans,” Spike grinned a little sheepishly at having been caught out so easily.  “Yeah, I remember those plans.  What did you have in mind?”

“That would spoil the surprise.”

First came the preparation.

At Wesley’s direction Spike undressed in his bedroom.  Once he was naked, Wes fastened a blindfold on him securely and led him across the hall to the larger room where the two men usually slept.  He sat carefully on the side of the bed. 

“Lie back, Spike,” Wesley said, assisting him to do as instructed.  “I need to prepare you, which will involve, among other things, shaving you.  Once I have finished the preparations, I will give you some time to… adjust.  I assure you, though, that I will not leave the room.  My next order will be the last verbal instruction you receive tonight.  So, do you have any questions?”

“No.”  ”Well, actually, yeah,” Spike thought. ”I have a lot of them but you’re not about to answer them.  What part of me are you planning to shave, Wes?  And exactly what kink are we pursuing tonight?”

“Open your mouth.”  The cultured tones were soft and firm and deft fingers slipped a familiar ball gag between the vampire’s lips. Then he felt the smooth warmth of lather being spread across his chest and belly. 

At the first touch of cold steel, Spike gasped.  ”A straight razor, I didn’t know he owned one.”  He fought to control the shiver that the long smooth sweeps of the blade generated as Wesley skillfully removed every trace of hair from the vampire’s abdomen.  Then he felt the warm lather again, this time on his thighs. 

By the time Wesley was finished, Spike’s entire body, from the neck down, was smooth and hairless, and he was more aroused than he had dreamed he could become from something like that.  The feeling of the razor as it slid grazed the base of his shaft, the delicate touches that cleaned the last few hairs from around his arsehole.  Those and the sure touch of his lover’s hands had combined to make his cock as hard as iron. 

Next came oil, which Wesley rubbed over every inch of Spike’s body.  He tried to thrust into the watcher’s hands as they stroked up and down his prick, but a sharp slap on the belly made it clear that that was unacceptable, and a cock ring, swiftly applied, signaled that release would not be coming soon.

Then it seemed that preparation was over.  Strong but gentle hands secured his arms and legs to the bed and a few swift motions reduced his remaining senses to one.

Sight.  His eyes were useless behind the leather blindfold. 

Hearing.  Earplugs shut out all external sounds and the gag filling his mouth muffled any that he might make. 

Smell.  Cinnamon, cloves and menthol from the smear of Tiger Balm just under his nose overshadowed all other scents. 

Taste.  The well-used ball gag tasted of nothing in particular and effectively prevented his tongue from reaching, and thus tasting, anything else.

Touch.  The least enhanced of his senses and the one he relied on the least.  It was all that was left him and even it was constrained.  The only things he felt were the soft cotton sheets under his back, the leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles and the slippery rope under his questing fingers.  Those and the tight leather band at the base of his cock.  Bound as he was he couldn’t actively touch anything.  He could only be a passive recipient of whatever sensations his lover chose to give to him. 

Soft or hard, sharp or dull, rough or smooth, hot or cold, pleasure or pain.  At the moment Spike didn’t care which of these he felt; he just wanted to feel. 

He didn’t know how long he had lain there waiting for a touch, a breath, or any sensation.  It seemed like forever, and like no time at all.  Then it happened.

Heat.  A molten drop of heat and pain on his chest.  Another.  And another.  This one on the arch of a hipbone, wresting a muffled moan from him.  ”Wax.  A candle.  It never felt this intense before.”  More drops falling on him; then a stream of heat traveling from his chest down to his hips.  He writhed, but Wesley’s hand pressed his hips to the bed. ”He wants me to stay still. Don’t know if I can.”**

More wax in larger splashes along Spike’s torso and thighs coming closer and closer to his cock and balls, but never touching them.  Gradually the feeling changed as his mind and body translated the burning into pleasure.  A drop fell on a nipple and his body arched in pleasure. 

A drop on the other, and a muted cry.  Not wax this time, but ice water.  The drops and streams continued to fall—sometimes wax, sometimes cold water.  The contrasting sensations shot through his body, and he felt himself falling deeper and deeper into a state where the only thing that existed was the feelings and the pleasure.  He gave himself over to it, floating gently on a sea of heat and cold, pleasure and pain, suspended on the edge of release but never moving past it.  He felt Wes release the cock ring, but it was only one sensation among many, and it didn’t really register.  He could no longer think coherently.

Then the wax poured over his shaft and down to the full, tight balls, and the exquisite pleasure & pain thrust Spike over the edge.  He screamed into the gag as he came.

Removing the wax was another kind of torment.  It felt to the vampire like a single layer of skin was being peeled from his body.  The knife blade, cool and sharp, sliding between the wax and the skin as Wesley took it off in long strips.  He wielded the blade perfectly—just enough pressure to lift the wax, not enough to cut the skin.  By the time he dragged the knife-edge carefully over Spike’s testicles, his cock was once again hard and weeping. Peeling the wax off the cock itself left him shaking and moaning.  So when, after playing the point of the blade along its hypersensitive skin for several minutes, which seemed like hours, Wes gently dragged the edge across the head, Spike spilled himself again across his lover’s hands.

By the time Spike lay on his stomach with Wesley’s cock buried in his ass and his come flooding his bowels, he had climaxed more times than he could count.  He blinked as the blindfold, gag and earplugs were removed moments later, and then languidly gathered his lover in his arms. 

“I take it you enjoyed your surprise,” Wesley asked.

“Trust me, Wes, if I’d known it would lead to that, I’d have shagged you in every library in the city.”  Spike grinned evilly, “In fact, I think I will.”