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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Out of Bounds
    • Willow/Spike, Buffy/Spike, Willow/Buffy -- Spike and Buffy should know better than to piss off Willow.  Being on the wrong side of the Mistress of Pain is a Bad Thing.
    • Rating: NC17
    • Warnings: D/s, discipline.
  • Prisoner
    • Spike/Willow -- Willow disappears; she has been taken captive by a dark mage. Can the Scoobies save her?  And if they do, will she ever be the same again?
    • Rating: NC17
    • Warnings: BDSM, non-con, dubious consent, violence, slavery.
  • Singular Sensation
    • Wes/Spike -- Spike has promised to put himself completely at his lover's mercy for the evening. "Anything you want--the whole night,"
    • Rating: NC17
    • Warnings: sensory deprivation.
  • Siren Song
    • Spike/(that would be telling) -- "Like a sailor to a siren; like a moth to a flame."
    • Rating: NC17
    • Warnings: BDSM, Songfic
      "Sailor to a Siren"
      Performed by Meat Loaf from the album Bad Attitude

Harry Potter

  • Coming Soon
    • A Hermione/Draco that's more than a bit out of the ordinary.
  • Coming Soon
    • A Post HBP Harry/Draco slavefic.



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