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A Federal employee in her early 50's, Ginny has a wide range of interest which she indulges in an unsurprisingly eclectic manner.  Among these are: writing, reading, family history, collecting children's books, art (appreciating and collecting--not doing), movies, music, the Society of Creative Anachronism, and the occasional TV show.

Her favorite genres of fiction are fantasy, science fiction and mystery.  But ask her what she read and she'll reply "Words in a row!"

A strange and convoluted rotating shift schedule means she's working almost any time someone tries to get hold of her.  Thank heaven for e-mail


In his early 40's Jim has his own small business which is run from the house, Tracy Consulting.  As a result of Ginny's shift schedule, however, and her ingrained dislike of housework he's only working 2 days a week.  The rest of the time this delightful man has taken on the vast majority of the "homemaker" job.  And believe me, taking care of Ginny and Ali and Shadowsholt are a full ime job in an of themselves!


A teenager-- doesn't that say it all?  Actually Ali is a delightful 17-year-old with strong interests in the arts particularly theatre.  She's working full time for the Prince Georges Children Theater group this summer-- the second year in a row! 

If I say any more about her here, she'll probably kill me.

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