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For the last few years, I've been putting together information on my family history.  I've made a lot of progress and have traced several of my lines back to the immigrant ancestors.  Others I'm still working on.

  • Vaughan - My paternal line.  The Vaughans arrived here from Wales in about 1866. Evan and Eleanor Chinnock settled in Cleveland and had 10 children, seven of whom survived to adulthood.  Their youngest was Louis Vaughan, my grandfather
  • Schultz - Also my paternal line.  The Schultz family arrived here from Germany around 1875. My great-great grandparents John P. and Elizabeth Schultz were came form Wittenberg and Baden and settle in Cleveland. My grandmother was Pearl Lillian Schultz.
  • Vliet - My maternal line.  My grandfather, William Annin Vliet was born before the Civil War, in 1856.  His father, William French Vliet, was part of an expedition from New Brunswick, New Jersey to California during the Gold Rush.  Following that he married and moved to Cleveland.  The Vliets appear to have arrived in this country in the 17th century.  There are a number of Vliet lines in New Jersey, but I am having difficulty making the appropriate connections
  • Williams - Also my maternal line.  The Williams arrived here from Ireland in the early 1800s. They settled in Middlesex County, New Jersey. From there some of them moved to New York and then Illinois.
  • Tracy - My husband's family. Predominantly Irish and Scots, the Tracys, Ketchams, Miles and Hendries were all from New England.
  • Nichols - Ali's dad's family. Both the Whipkeys and the Nichols are from West Virginia, mostly Calhoun County.

Soon there will be links to pedigree charts and other family information here, including a gallery of some of our ancestors.

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